The wonderful thing about Selcourt Primary is the total commitment and dedication to cultural pursuits. The arts at our school and the productions under this banner are huge undertakings that few schools can muster with success and enjoyment. Great operettas and more recently, musical reviews have become a part of the fabric of school life and quite a few generations identify their school years with the production of the time. The rich and varied tomes and musical graces span many years and have not only helped in the growth of confident young men and women, but also contributed to the heart conditions of frazzled stage organisers and producing teachers, but then, is acting and stage craft not a way to live out one s isanity? Remember that all the little angels that dance so innocently and precisely have a team of others training, making costumes and drilling choreography for months at a time to just get that perfect moment on stage so that proud parents can enjoy the stage sparkle of their own little acting/dancing genius. And yet, in the times when the big production is not brewing in the background, life seems empty and not even the most exciting sport match can touch the adrenaline rush of opening evening. We wait, breathless in anticipation - the sliva dripping - for the next thrill of the big stage production.