School Rules & Regulations

On behalf of the school I wish to extend a welcome to your child as a learner, and to you as a member of the Parent Body. I hope that your association with the school will be a happy and fruitful one. We implement the CAPS system from Gr 1 - Gr 7. Outcomes Based principles still suffice. Parents are requested to assist and support their children where necessary as Continuous Assessment is ongoing. This is National Policy and must be implemented.

1. School Calendar
The annual school calendar is published well in advance and parents are given this information in a newsletter and on the D6 Connect. Please arrange your holidays to coincide with school holidays. All learners are expected to be at school on the first day of each term. Please note that there will be assessment tasks (counting towards progression) up to and including the last day of each of the terms. If you are making advance hotel or travelling reservations please note school term dates as no concessions will be  in the case of learners absent on these dates.

2. School Attendance
Regular attendance is essential for good progress. Absence from school must be explained in a letter from a parent, and/or by telephone message to the school secretary. Doctors’ certificates are required if absence has been occasioned by infectious or contagious diseases. If a child contracts lice his/her hair must be completely clear of nits before returning to school. Learners will not be allowed to leave early or leave the school grounds during school hours.

School Hours:
Gr1 & Gr2 Mondays to Fridays 07:40 – 13:20
Gr 3 – Gr 7 Mondays to Fridays 07:40 – 13:50

Punctuality is important. Learners must report to school by 07:35 please. Parents are requested to address this earnestly. It is not fair for children to come to school late, missing the first fifteen minutes of the lesson. Learners should also be collected after school and not be left outside the school till late afternoon. This poses a serious safety and security risk and parents should make the necessary arrangements to collect their children timeously. Parents are urged to address this problem with the transport/lift schemes. Ultimately, the onus is on the parents to see that their children arrive at school by 07:35 and are collected at 13:20 or 13:50 or after school enrichment activities. Learners who arrive late must report to the office first. Please do not ask the school to excuse your child during school hours to attend functions, or go off to meet relatives etc. Permission to leave school early must be done in writing, addressed to the Principal.

3. Homework
3.1 To ensure that your child progresses well, it is essential that you should take particular interest in the work at home from the outset and co-operate with the staff in insisting on extra work on weak subjects.
3.2 Learners from Gr 4 are expected to do homework daily. The child must copy down the work in a special homework diary, and parents are requested to cooperate by signing the homework daily, after it has been completed. Even when no specific homework is set, learners should occupy themselves at home by revising the work learnt that day, finding extra information relating to subject matter taught in class etc. Parents, Please ensure that Communication Files are checked on a daily basis. There is a small amount of homework in the Foundation Phase classes. It is vital for parents to listen to reading and to help identify difficult words.
By homework is meant learning homework as well as the written homework.

4. School Enrichment Activities
For your child to benefit to the full from a Primary School education, it is most desirable that he/she should participate fully in the school enrichment activities of the school, e.g. sport, dramatics, etc. He/she should spend at least two afternoons per week at school in connection with one activity or another. This will not hinder his/her work but should improve it, as well as help him/her to keep fit and develop character and personality.
Any child unable to attend a practice must produce a letter of excuse to the teacher in charge, before the practice. Facilities for the following extra-mural activities are provided at the school:- Tennis, cricket, netball, soccer, rugby, athletics, hockey, cross country, chess, swimming, gymnastics / aerialnastix, mini cricket, mini soccer, arts & crafts, choir, public speaking, Intervention classes.

5. Change of Address and Telephone Numbers
The school must be informed immediately of any change of address, telephone numbers or other information. Our records must be kept up to date in case we have to make contact with the parents or doctor in an emergency.

6. School Funds
There is no admission fee payable at this school. On application and acceptance, and before enrolment will be confirmed, R3500 is payable which is deductible from school fees. If the learner is not admitted for any reason, the R3500 will be refunded. School fees are compulsory. Parents who do not qualify for relief are required to pay school fees punctually on pain of legal action.
Parent: If the applicant is a parent by definition, but not the biological parent, then the name and address of the biological parents must be disclosed and they will be required to co-sign the admission document and will also be held liable jointly and severally for payment of school fees.

7. Bicycles
All bicycles should be in a roadworthy condition and must be securely locked in the school cycle sheds.

8. Traffic Regulations
All learners crossing the streets must do so at the “Zebra Crossings”. Do not stop to offload children at the Zebra Crossings or in front of the staff entrance gate. Parents are requested not to park in the staff parking area . These regulations are aimed at ensuring the maximum safety for your children and parents are requested to co-operate fully in these matters.

9. Reports
Reports will be sent to parents at the end of each term. These must be signed and returned to school within the first week of the next term.

10. Lost Property
Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly marked on each item of clothing. The school is not responsible for tracing or looking after lost garments. The onus is on the parent and learner to look after their own property.

11. Books
All text books which are supplied by the school must be covered by the learners. The text books must be returned after use in good condition, otherwise lost or damaged books have to be paid for.
In view of this you are urged to invest in the long term economy of a stout briefcase. The canvas rucksack is not acceptable.
All necessary writing material will of necessity be supplied by parents. Stationery requirement lists are provided for the next grade at the end of each year.

12. Visits by Parents to School
Parents are welcome to visit the school to discuss problems and other matters which might arise. Parents are requested to report to the Administrative Office on visiting the school. Parents may not go directly to classrooms. Please phone the school office and make an appointment to see the teacher concerned. As Teachers are busy, I request that parents adhere to this please.

13. Detention/Discipline
Parents will be given adequate warning of detention or any other punishment in terms of the School’s Code of Conduct. If this is inconvenient to any parent, please blame the child and not the teacher. Instilling self discipline teaches responsibility and accountability which is so important.

14. Messages
Parents are requested not to expect the school to deliver messages to learners, except in cases of extreme urgency. Similarly, parents are requested to refrain from asking the school secretaries and security to deliver parcels, raincoats, lunches, money, books etc., to the learners. Children need to check their timetable the night before and pack their school bags accordingly.

15. School Uniform and Hairstyles
15.1 School Uniform
Uniforms can be purchased from JILL’S UNIFORMS. Tel. No. (011) 818-3278 or Angie Armstrong.
Boys: Summer: Grey shorts or longs, white short sleeves, open neck shirt with school badge. Grey socks and black shoes.
Winter: Long or short grey pants, white long sleeve shirt, school tie, grey socks, black shoes. Green school jersey and blazer. No coloured tops. Drimacs available at the school office. Girls: Summer: Green and white school dress. White socks and black shoes. Winter: Green slacks school tie. Green school jersey and blazer. No coloured tops. Drimacs available at the school office. Second hand uniforms are often available from Mothers’ Club Swop Shop on Fridays between 08:00 and 10:00. School uniforms must be worn at all school functions unless otherwise stated.
Jewellery: the only jewellery permitted are sleepers, studs and medic alert bracelets. Uniformity and neatness in dress at school is an important factor in improving the tone of the school. The fact that your child’s school colours are recognised by the public as the badge and hallmark of a good school, should instill in him/her a greater sense of pride in the school and himself/herself.
15.2 Hairstyles
Boys: Must be short and neat. Long–haired styles are not permitted. No hair over any part of the ear. Hair at back of head may not hang onto the collar. Hair should be brushed off the forehead. No hair to hang onto the face. No colouring of hair or gel is allowed.
Girls: Hair must be kept neat and tidy. Long hair must be tied back neatly. Only green, brown, white or black elastics are permitted. No hair extensions, colouring of hair or exotic hairstyles is allowed.

16. Language
This school is an English Primary School. We encourage learners to speak only English in the school environment except when other languages are being taught. This is deemed to be in the interest of all children at the school and must not be construed to be discriminatory at all. Naturally, the school adheres to the child’s constitutional rights regarding language preference as manifested in the School Act and other laws.

17. School Property
It is expected that learners respect their own and other’s property. Damage to school property will result in prompt and severe disciplinary measures being taken. Parents will be responsible to compensate for such damage.

18. Conclusion
In conclusion, I wish to mention that your child’s development and success at school depends upon close co-operation between the teacher and yourself. It is necessary to be supportive of the school and at the same time aware of your child’s progress. Problems need to be discussed as soon as they arise. We have an open door policy and encourage communication. There are a number of structures within the school that provide the parent with opportunities to become involved.

I trust that a happy relationship will exist between your family and the school. We shall try to do our share; we hope that you will try to do yours.

Yours sincerely
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