We at Selcourt Primary are in the fortunate position that we have a highly functional SGB. This is of cardinal importance as a functional SGB ensure that a school is governed properly which is turn assists the Principal to manage the school efficiently. Our SGB has the best interests of all our learners, educators, parents and the community at large at heart. Under the leadership of Dr T. Khumalo, the chairperson of the SGB, the SGB advocates that every child matters and they strive to ensure that all our leaners receive quality education as well as a holistic one, at all times.

It is gratifying for the Principal to know that the SGB support him as well as the staff so that our learners can benefit from the quality in terms of holistic education that we strive to offer. It is with gratitude that our SGB is thanked for the many hours they spend at the school to ensure that we endeavour to “Strive for Excellence”.
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