At Selcourt Primary we believe that every child has the right to a well-rounded and balanced education. The core business of our school is our Academic side and therefore we take the scholastic performance of all our leaners very serious. However we also realise the importance of our learners to be involved in a variety of activities and therefore encourage one and all to take part in as many as possible, offered at our school. We pride ourselves in the fact that we offer a wide range of Sports, catering for the interest of as many of our learners as possible. We have at least four different sporting codes on offer every term, with mini sports offered in most sporting codes. We take part in a number of Sporting days and festivals whilst hosting a few ourselves. Our Inter House Athletics involves on average 900 learners every year. We have our annual Foundation Phase Soccer and Netball Day, Inter House Swimming events, many rugby and cricket days, to name but a few. In total we offer ten sporting codes, with age groups from U/8 to U13. We strongly encourage mass participation and ensure that a huge percentage of our school is involved in some kind of sport. Although participation is what we advocate and encourage we also inculcate a healthy sense of competition amongst our boys and girls, with our motto being: "Win with humility and loose with dignity". We, therefore strive for mass participation whilst balancing this with positive results on the field.