In Arts and Crafts we look to explore and express our creativity through various mediums.  These mediums include, amongst others, paint, drawing, pastels, play dough and origami.

This year our biggest project is to bring the walls in the school Alive.  We are doing this through paint and decorated tiles.  This is set to express the holistic development of each child at Selcourt Primary that aims to bring joy and excellence.

The children involved in this are not only learning valuable creative skills but perseverance, patience and team work.  This project has taken longer than they anticipated but they are very proud of the end product. 

Our goal is to encourage all participants to explore creativity and find the medium that best helps them express their creativity.  This allows them another avenue to grow as a holistic person. 

Arts and Crafts take place Monday to Thursday afternoons.  The facilitators are Mrs Wolmarans and Ms Maudlin.
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